Dog Waste Gone with Doggie Dooley!

The original, in-ground dog waste disposal system!

Dog​gie Dooley​

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frequently asked questions about doggie dooley


Thank you for inquiring about the operation of the Doggie Dooley. It is a biological product and occasionally needs 
​some "tweaking" based on the natural variables which lend to the waste digestion.  Things such as heat (or cold), amount of water, amount of digester, the soil conditions, and the dog's diet all have an effect on what Mother Nature can accomplish in a small digester area.  

Can I test my yard to ensure the Doggie Dooley will work?
Yes! Performing a "Perk Test" will prove beneficial in deciding whether a Doggie Dooley will be effective in your yard.
1. Dig a hole approximately 1 foot wide by 2 feet deep. (Test hole can be smaller than real hole.)
2. Pour approximately 5 gallons of water in the hole.
​3. Check the hole in 24 hours. If water is completely drained, you have fairly sandy soil and a pyramid style Doggie Dooley is recommended. If there is still standing water, check again after 48 hours.
4. If the water is gone, you can use either the tank or pyramid styles of Doggie Dooley. If after 48 total hours there is still standing water in the hole, a Doggie Dooley will not be an effective waste management system in that location of your yard. Test another site!

My Dog Swallowed the Digester Powder or Waste Terminator Tablets!
The Digester Powder and Tablets are made primarily with an inert carrier (wheat bran grain and sodium bicarbonate) and the active ingredient (a very small amount of protein based enzymes and bacillius subtillis bacteria). The enzyme and bacteria cultures are not harmful to humans or pets. Rinse mouth and face with water.  Seek medical attention if redness or soreness occurs.  

Not Draining - "It seems like my unit is slowly filling up instead of being fully absorbed into the ground. What can I do?"
1. The tank will always have waste in it.  The digestive action happens at the bottom of the pile, under the water. However, insure there is enough water in the tank.  Water is the activator for the Digester Powder.  Do not let the tank or stools become completely dry.  As you add water, an equal amount should exit through the draining tubes (except for the Pyramid shaped models where there are no drain tubes). Do not worry about adding too much water as long as it’s draining. 
2. For optimum bacteria activation, water should be between 50 degrees F and 90 degrees F. Not too cold or too hot. 
3. Using the tank-style models, be careful not to wash away the Digester Powder or tablet immediately after adding the product. Note that water overflows through the opening near the top of the tank.  Allow the Digester to sink into the water and be absorbed. If the waste has become like a thick paste, stirring in the Digester will help them get started again. Do not add waste for 24 hours, then add more water until the consistency is thinner. 
​4. Adding enough Digester: Depending on the number of dogs and their diet needs the usage will vary. Add 1 tablespoon of digester powder or 1 Waste Terminator tablet per dog, per week. If your dog eats table scraps, or has a premium diet or high-fiber, you may need to increase the amount of digester.  
5. The Digester will not work well in temperatures below 40 degrees. The Doggie Dooley will be dormant during the Winter months and then can be used once the weather has warmed up again. 
6. The soil may have too much clay content that prevents the absorbing of the liquid. If this is the case, the unit must be moved to an area with good soil. Ensure that the hole was deep enough and dug to original directions.  If the hole has caved in due to soil erosion, you will have to move the Doggie Dooley to another area with a new hole. Fill in the old hole with dirt from the new hole. 
7. Add pet waste on a regular (daily) basis. This allows continuous breakdown. Do not wait until the end of the week and add a week’s worth of waste all at once overloading the unit.

​Draining Too Quickly - "My problem seems to be that my soil "perks" too well, as I put 5 gallons and it drains so quickly that I don't think the Digester is having a chance to decompose the waste". Sandy soil will cause quick drainage in the pyramid style Doggie Dooleys. Several days worth of dog stools will create a layer of dog waste which will hold moisture.  It is not necessary for the Pyramid models to hold water, only that the stools remain moist/wet.  

​Residuals - "If I stop adding waste but continue to add water and Digester will everything be absorbed eventually and will the hole be clean?" Some residual on the bottom of the tank is normal. This is a septic tank and it will never be clean again. If you stop adding waste but continue to add water and Digester, it will not break everything down.

Directions - "Help!! I've lost the directions and want to get started as soon as possible."
Add 5 - 6 gallons of water filling the septic tank with water. Add 2 T. of the Digester and then add 2-3 days worth of stools. Continue adding stools on a daily basis afterwards.

​"I've lost the directions to the Digester, how do I maintain the Doggie Dooley?"
If you have a pyramid model, add 5 gallons of water 2-3 times a week. Add one measured tablespoon of the Digester powder or 1 Digester tablet per dog per week and add stools on a daily basis. If you have a tank style model, add a gallon of water daily and 1 tablespoon of Digester powder or 1 Digester tablet per dog per week.  Continue to add stools on a daily basis. 

Insects and their Eggs - "There are bugs in my Doggie Dooley". 
​The enzymes and bacteria in the Digester will not kill anything alive. It will be necessary to spray the contents lightly with a bug bomb or some raid.

You may contact us by phone from 9am - 4pm Eastern time, Monday - Friday for additional assistance.  
Doggie Dooley Customer Service 1-800-537-1601 toll free!  
​Thank you for using Doggie Dooley!!